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CORA Second Edition

Since the CORA model book has been published in 2010, we gained a lot of experience in using the model in practice. Moreover, we established a working method which has been applied succesfully for a number of times. So it’s a proper time to take a look at the current version and add content that might be useful for you to help understand and use the model in the best way possible.

What will be added
First of all, next to the current application model, a layered technology model will be introduced, covering the main infrastructure components. This way, the CORA model can be used for TOGAF phases C (Information Systems) as well as D (Technology) and mapped onto vendor solutions (phase E, Opportunities and Solutions). The CORA approach will be introduced and described in detail, based on different situations, such as an IT solution assessment or an application capability scoping. It will also elaborate on the importance of the availability of IT principles and End2End process chains to reduce the risk of designing erroneous Application Architectures. Finally risk assessments against trending topics like Cloud, Big Data and Mobile architectures will be described.

What will be revised
A couple of vendor mappings will be revised, due to the fact that the vendor-stacks have been changed (slightly) the last couple of years.  As far as we have experienced so far, the model and it’s capabilities are still valid and don’t need any changes.

When will CORA Second Edition be published
We are working hard to get the new version available around the beginning of Q1 next year.